AK Creative Solutions is Michigan Based Professional IT Solutions and Technical Support Company that is dedicated to providing quality and trustworthy Computer Repair and Technical Services to residential and business clients.
We deliver the IT solution you need for your business. 
AK Creative Solutions listens to your questions and concerns to develop a professional and trusted long term company-client relationship.

AK Tech Support Team is our TECH TEAM here for you!

Remote Support, Onsite, Mail-In and Pickup Options are available for everyone.

AK Tech Support Team offers emergency services once a AK TECH – Client Business Relationship is established. Emergency services are also available for new customers at an affordable rate.

AK Creative Solutions is here for all of your Technical needs!

Please contact us if you would like to start a project quote now or would like immediate technical support.

Full Service Computer Repair and Technical Services

Computer Installations & Service

Data Backup & Data Recovery

Cloud Storage, Sync & Backup

Information Security/ Technical Support

Malware Protection and Network Security

Ransomware, Malware, Viruses Removal

Network & Server Configuration and Installation

Wifi AP/ Hotspots/ Wireless Configuration

Software Deployment & Hardware Upgrades

Security Surveillance Systems

I.P./ DVR Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Installation

Maintenance & Upgrades

Drone Surveillance Survey

Drone Building & Land Security Surveying

Drone Photography & Video Footage

Drone Aerial Maps and Data & More

*REMOTE Malware/ Virus Removal

***REMOTE Windows Operating System Tune-up/ Repairs

Desktop Support, Laptop Support, Mac OS X Support, Software Support, Hardware Support, Custom Built Desktops

Software Installation, Personalized Software Training

More REMOTE Services Available!

When choosing AK Creative Solutions, we strive to make sure the final results meets and exceeds your every expectation.

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